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jk I think astrology is ridiculous

A Quick Overview Of Rudimentary Strategies In

Ask Amy: She's letting astrology ruin our relationship

Her behavior is becoming more extreme and resistant to rational thinking. Your birthday is coming up. You might want to mark the new year by leaving this particular system. DEAR AMY: I am a single 21-year-old woman in my senior year of college. I spent most of my time in college in a serious relationship with my high-school sweetheart and now I am enjoying my newfound freedom. However, my friends are having a hard time accepting this. They are desperately trying to find my “soul mate” by setting me up with men. After a particularly bad “fix-up” experience that resulted in my getting fired as the maid of honor for my closest friend’s wedding and not speaking to her for over a year, I now refuse all attempts at being set up. When I inevitably reject these men, they start hurling insults at me. One man even threatened to commit suicide!

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