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Families Belong Together: The Case to End the US North Korea Travel Ban

Importantly, the one-year ban will expire at the end of this month and the State Department must decide its fate. Based on North Koreas recent positive diplomatic steps toward the United States and South Korea, the ban should be allowed to expire. Since the spring, North Korea has made a series of notable diplomatic gestures. They released the three detained Americans and returned 55 cases with presumed remains of the U.S. soldiers who died during the Korean War. Provocative missile and nuclear tests were halted. Allowing the ban to expire would signal a reciprocal measure and build confidence with North Korea. Ending the ban would also open the door for additional diplomatic opportunities to take root. The ban does not allow travel for educational activities. Educational institutions, such as the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, which rely heavily on Korean American educators to teach, have been severely impacted.

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North Korea holidays enjoy spike in interest as relations thaw

Travel feature praising 'egalitarian' North Korea under fire as 'unashamed PR' The author of a controversial travel piece that praises North Korea as a highly organised, egalitarian and energised society has come under heavy criticism for glamorising one of the worlds most oppressive regimes. The feature, published in Honi Soit, a University of Sydney magazine, titled Nine Days in North Korea and written by PhD student Jay Tharappel, said the single-state nation was now reaping the fruits of past sacrifices. Tharappel, who spent nine days in North Korea courtesy of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, wrote that the inequality in the country pales in comparison to the inequality you see in the capitalist world, said that the Kim Jong-uns authoritarianism was necessary for the simple reason that they are a nation at war, and disputed the account of most visitors to the country who say they are closely chaperoned. Pyongyang, North Korea's capitalCredit:istock Human Rights Watch says North Korea is one of the worlds most repressive states and that the government restricts all civil and political liberties for its citizens, including freedom of expression, assembly, association, and religion. It says the government routinely uses arbitrary arrest and punishment of crimes, torture in custody, forced labor, and executions to maintain fear and control. North Korea has in recent years attempted to kickstart its tourism industry. But travellers must visit with an authorised tour operator and be accompanied at all times. Visitors are urged to follow the advice of their guides. This week the US extended its travel ban on American citizens visiting the country, while the British Foreign Office advises against all but essential travel to the state.

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